My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

If you could only pick 1 pony game to work on in your career as a 3D artist...this is the one you should pick.

I worked as a Senior Environment artist on the iOS game "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic." I worked with 1 other 3D artist, Steve Tramacchi to produce all the environment art in the game. My contribution was roughly 50% of the launch content.

We had excellent visual reference from the animated show, although we needed to modify the visual style slightly to adapt it to an isometric video game, and also needed to create some new content without reference material.

Pat dunal mlp
Pat dunal mlp 1
Pat dunal mlp twilight
Pat dunal mlp pinkiepie
Pat dunal mlp house
Pat dunal mlp lottery
Pat dunal mlp zecora
Pat dunal mlp flimflam
Pat dunal mlp celestia
Pat dunal mlp 2

I moved on to lead another project before full on production of the Canterlot map took place, but I did create several of the buildings + hand painted the trees.